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     Welcome to Martial Law! We are an adult-oriented guild with our home being on Ghostlands-US. We are a 10 man guild on the HORDE side. We aim to be amongst the top ranking guild on the server while maintaining a fun and enjoyable raid environment.

A lot of our members are veteran WoW players, some playing since beta, some playing in some of the worlds best guilds, some of us are brand new with very promising preformance but all of us are a loveable group of players! All in all, while we will take our raiding and general gaming seriously, we are an entertaining bunch of people who love to help eachother out and have a good time.

     We are currently recruiting mature players of all classes, levels and spec. Whether you're looking for a guild to do some serious raiding, or just looking for a group of fun, helpful people to hang out and level with Martial Law is the guild for you.

                                                  Join us and be part of something great!

                                                           Click here for current recruiting needs!
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